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Your Great Shift

The Next Chapter

You are standing at a crossroads in your life where you need a new direction

Have you recently thought that your life is heading in the wrong direction? Is it sometimes difficult to recognize the sense that your work should be making? Does your job draw too hard on your energy? Do you have too little time for your family, friends and the values and things you want in your life? The solution could be freeing yourself from your current work-life.

If that is what it takes you may need an alternative - a tool to do it. I may be able to offer you exactly that. It will be demanding, but it will pay. And it has the potential to give you a whole new perspective on your life and work.

Opportunity In Times Of Crisis

During the Corona-virus-breakout the pattern of overall Danish media consumption has changed considerably. In 2019 in average 8,3 hours were spent on media per capita (source: Gallup, Quisma and GroupM). In 2020 the number is already 10,2 hours. There is a need to be social and the use of social media alone has risen by 35%. Isolation gives some of us time for thought. Something that might trigger it is how much time you actually spend on socialising with colleagues over the people you love. A great many people value the time they spend on family and friends higher than what they spend at work.

Much research has found that people on their death beds han asked what they might regret in their lives they have answered: Spending too much time and energy on work. Time that might otherwise have been spent on family and friends and other things which were more valuable.

Stress is, among other things, an imbalance in values. Commuting long distances alone is one of the most frequent causes for dissatisfaction with a salary job. And there may be many other things that trigger the realization (more or less consciously) that you are suffering from stress. And if you have loans and other liabilities, besides the very fear of the uncertainty triggered by losing your job, it can be hard to free yourself from a job that doesn't make the kind of sense that it should.

If you recognise the above considerations, or if you have similar thoughts that give rise to dreams of jumping out of the "hamster wheel", my suggestion for an alternative might be attractive to you. You can use it both as an alternative source of income and over time as passive income. It is fun to trade currency. And at the same time it is a learning process and a social activity that over time can replace your job and give you time for greater focus on your values, your creativity, your family and friends.

What do you get if you join our community?

Kuberia is a Danish team (not restricted to any particular nationality, though, we speak English) in a US company that teaches trading in currency, metals, stock indicies and more. With the training, you can eventually get rid of your dependency on a job, an employer and everything that comes with it. In other words, you could be free to keep your job on your terms, as well as to go to your boss at any time and resign without any worries.

You get a thorough education, great analytics tools, 24/7 live currency trading with mentors who know what they are talking about and set up trades that are easy to analyze and copy. In addition, you will have the opportunity to become part of the company and in time create a passive income. Imagine that you can decide for yourself to take control and create the life you want; focusing on your values and having time for you to be present for yourself and the people you value the most.

Contact me at ebbesax@gmail.com, if you want to know more. Or read on here: https://im.academy/ EbbeDalSondergaard

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