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So thank you for reading this post

Thank you is but a poor word, but what a great effect it has. It's so simple and yet so hard to be grateful. And when we strive for change - or just something other than what we have - we can so easily loose focus on our goal when we become dissatisfied and downplay what we are in right now. Because we want that other thing.

But to really get what we want, we actually have to come to terms with who and what we are and have. “The root of happiness is gratitude… it is not happiness that makes us grateful; It is gratitude that makes us happy, ”says David Steindl-Rast, a wise man, catholic benedictine monk, author and associate professor.

Many people experience having great ambition towards achieving goals in their lives; only to realize that they have not achieved the satisfaction that was supposed to come with it. In other words, there is some value lost in the process.

Before we set out to conquer the whole kingdom, we may need to find out what small and great things make us grateful. When we find out, we also find a way into the values that are inside us. If we are conscious of our personal values, we can more easily navigate our lives in a direction that contains meaning.

It may not happen from one day to the next, but it goes astonishingly fast and is an interesting study into your own joys that will steadily grow. At the same time, it will provide insight into when we are doing something that satisfies our values and senses. It's about saying thank you for what makes you happy, for example:

Thank you for today's first cup of coffee, which tastes so great Thank you for the good sleep last night Thank you for the nice chat I had with my neighbour

And to stay focused and become more aware of what you want, you can add:

I pray / want to meet people I can laugh with I look forward to the walk to work

A Habit That Makes Sense

Gratitude can be the way you evaluate your day; a way that encourages calm and positivity before going to sleep. It's the way I use my gratitude diary myself. The positive thoughts and genuine deep appreciation are rooted in the body, affect our heartbeat positively and has effect on sleep and dreams. It will affect the following day in a positive way and provide more energy, better mood and concentration ability.

What we focus on is what grows in our consciousness. Or, as the American author Melody Beattie puts it: “Don’t look for happiness blindly, but find out what makes you happy by regularly considering what it is and say thank you. Not because you have to humbly bend your neck, but because you have to lift your face and let the sun shine on it and take it all in.”

By cultivating your gratitude, you will at the same time feed your intuition and seek that which does you good and empowers you. It's not just about energy, but also confidence, as you become much more aware of what to say yes or no to.

Therefore, being grateful is basically about prioritizing yourself and being a detective in your own life in order to be present and know that you choose what makes you happy and gives you what you want.

A Tool For Gratitude

If you've become interested in how to focus more on gratitude in your life, then I recommend two gratitude diaries coming to the market soon, written by Charlotte Overbeck:

"180 Days in Gratitude - Presence and Joy" and "180 Days in Gratitude - Strength and Self-Esteem"

They are designed so that you can easily remind yourself every day of what you are grateful for and what you want in your life. And the more you focus on it, the more likely you are to get it. The books are also packed with inspirational quotes that you can use to get you writing.

You can soon buy the books through charlotteoverbeck.dk or directly at the publisher.

Contact me at ebbesax@gmail.com if you want to know more. Or stay tuned here on my website ebbesondergaard.com where I will be posting when the books are available in English.

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